About Ni Ki Cruz Marketing

Our Team works with you to focus on differentiating your product or service by creatively communicating your positive points and message through a broad range of marketing services.

Ni Ki Cruz Marketing and Creative Communication Agency is a strategic branding and marketing consulting agency focused on the real estate industry, independent solo-preneurs, growing entrepreneurs, expanding small businesses and non-profits organizations.

Ni Ki Cruz Marketing's founder, Carlos Rafael Cruz, is an established serial entrepreneur, speaker, author, and is also an active licensed real estate agent in California's prestigious Silicon Valley. Carlos is able to bring his vast experience within multiple disciplines to help you grow your business. Carlos has a team of professionals, creatives, and consultants who can provide solutions for any of your challenges.


What is Marketing?

What does Marketing really do for a company? Marketing's main purpose is to promote the points which separates you from your competitors.

Marketing does not necessarily have to tell how GREAT your are, it needs to share with the consumer what makes you DIFFERENT and how your product or service will benefit the consumer. This is completely different from screaming to the world, "look how great we are."

We work closely with you to discover what separates you from your competitors.

Why do We Need Marketing?

Consumers are skeptical enough as it is about products and services. And public opinion matters a great deal. Your current and future customers lives in a sophisticated and complex environment where they are constantly being bombarded by every form of marketing.

Marketing is designed to help you inform and instruct. Marketing is not designed to sell, the same way a resume is not designed to "get" you a job. A resume will get you in the door for a job interview.

Good marketing will attract the attention of consumers to inform them of the benefits of your products or service. Great marketing will also instruct the consumer the quickest way to start enjoying the benefits of your product or service.

How do We Use Marketing?

Marketing's purpose is to know and understand your customer in order to tailor the right message. Marketing has never been about selling, it has always been about understanding your customer. A customer's wants and needs may not always match its realities. But a customer's wants and needs will always match their values.

We use the various vehicles of marketing to show the value of, contribution to, and any other functional benefits the customer can derive from your product or service.