Web Presence Analysis Report

Consumers research products & services online to help them make informed buying decisions.
There is a good reason why you are losing business. How much $$$ have you lost to your competitors?

The purpose of initiating a Real World and Web Presence Analysis Report is to help you determine the best possible strategies for increasing traffic, which can result in more leads, which can cause an increase in sales. We believe this report will better help you to understand how you stand when it comes to having an internet presence and how it relates to your real world presence. This report will also assist you in determining what kind of marketing support we can provide you.

A thorough Real World and Web Presence Analysis Report will usually take anywhere from 14 to 30 days, depending on how you have structured yourself both online and in the real world. In some cases, it may take 45-60 days to complete a thorough analysis.

Our analysis report will provide you with information on how you are positioned against your competitors. We can provide you with the strategic insight needed and recommendations for building a more effective online and real world presence.

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You can order your Web Presence Analysis Report. Once we have received your payment, you will receive an assessment interview and go over the process of the analysis report. The investment for a thorough Web Presence Analysis Report is $995.00.

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